Warm-Up Series – Male Version

Warm-Up Series – Male Version


The TBS Warm-Up Series is the perfect solution if you want a reliable warm-up program for your voice. It works on all the important aspects of your voice and gets you ready to sing to the best of your abilities.

This program is perfect to warm up before:

  • shows
  • rehearsals
  • auditions
  • recording sessions
  • practicing songs
  • voice lessons
  • long teaching days
  • pretty much any singing situation

All exercises in the TBS Warm-Up Series come with detailed instructions and demonstrations to ensure that you’re doing them correctly. The piano tracks to sing along with can be selected independently so you can get straight to working on your voice.

The accompanying PDF not only explains how to use the TBS Warm-Up Series, but it contains our top tips to get the best outcome from your warm-up sessions.

The TBS Warm-Up Series can also be used to cool down your voice after a performance, practice session, or any stressful or demanding vocal use.

So what are you waiting for? Give your voice the warm-up it deserves!

This version is intended for male singers whose voices have changed. If you are a male and your voice hasn’t changed yet, then you will need to use the female version.

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