Ed Sheeran is proof that no artist was born with a perfect voice

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Ed Sheeran at the Frequency Festival in Austria, 2012

(Ed Sheeran demonstrates that not all artists are born with natural talent by playing an early recording of himself when he was younger trying to sing.)

“When people say artists are born with natural talent, you’re not. You have to really learn and really practice.” –Ed Sheeran

We guarantee that all your favorite singers worked for years to get the voice they have today.
Whether it was formal training with a teacher, or practicing along to Whitney’s riffs and runs in their bedroom for years on end, no one just #wokeuplikethis.

The best time to start your vocal training was three years ago, but the second best time is NOW.

Right this minute! Don’t wait until your dream role audition comes up or until you’re walking in to record your debut album next week.

A great voice takes REAL time to train.

If you want to be a professional singer, or even just a good amateur singer, take RESPONSIBILITY for the time and effort it takes to accomplish something worthwhile.

Recognize you won’t get their on your own.

If you value something, give it the time, energy, and even the money it deserves.
In the case of your voice—book regular lessons and practice every day! We’re here to help you in every step of your singing journey.

Image by Christopher Johnson from Tokyo, Japan – Ed Sheeran, Blood Red Shoes, Hot Chip, Bloc Party, XX, others at Frequency Fest in Austria, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

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