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The Balanced Singer brings you the very best information about your voice, showing you how to be a better singer and how to achieve your goals and dreams.

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We have 70+ years experience working with singers at every level, from total beginners to Broadway leads to major record label artists and bands. Whatever your singing ambitions are, we know how to help you and how to do it fast!

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We cover topics that are relevant to you as a singer. No matter how you like to learn, we’ll have something for you, from blog posts to videos, podcasts, to webinars, camps and conferences. This is the place you need to be if you want to be a better singer!

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  • Kelsey Connolly, Meg in The Phantom of The Opera on Broadway

    Kelsey Connolly, Meg in The Phantom of The Opera on Broadway

    "What I love about working with Chelsea is that she gives you the opportunity to analyze and make sense of what you're working on during a lesson. I have a greater chance of success, especially on my own time, when I'm able to put into words how certain exercises felt or the difference I experienced in my voice after a given correction. Not only does Chelsea conduct a clear and efficient lesson, but she is also super encouraging and supportive! She continues to give me the confidence and tools to vocally tackle 8 shows a week on Broadway!"

  • Jake Swain, Mean Girls on Broadway

    Jake Swain, Mean Girls on Broadway

    "Working with Chelsea has changed the way I approach singing. My voice is healthier than it ever has been. She’s helped me release the excess weight I was carrying into my upper registers by helping me to finally learn to mix. And she’s provided me a personalized at-home warmup regiment that has helped me understand my voice better than ever before."

  • Jonathan Wagner, School of Rock on Broadway, Dewey Finn Understudy

    Jonathan Wagner, School of Rock on Broadway, Dewey Finn Understudy

    "When I first came to Chelsea, I was coming off a vocal injury. Not only did she restore my voice, but she restored my confidence in singing. Over three months, we restored my rock tenor, and even recreated some of my lost falsetto! Oh, and she also helped me completely redo my book. You can trust Chelsea with your instrument."

  • Conner Gillooly, School of Rock on Broadway, Dewey Finn

    Conner Gillooly, School of Rock on Broadway, Dewey Finn

    "Not only did she help improve my range, but also my comfortability. Chelsea taught me that the voice is a deep and endless abyss; there’s always something new to uncover. Throughout our work together, Chelsea has equipped me with the technique and respect for my instrument that I will carry close for the rest of my career. The Balanced Singer will be the perfect resource for other singers looking to improve their voices!"

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